Discipleship Group

Discipleship Group

Our Discipleship Group offers a smaller, more intimate context where we learn to live out our mission to delight, display, and declare the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is the Discipleship Group?

Made up of men and women of all ages and at all stages of our faith journeys. The Discipleship Group meets on a Wednesday at 1pm in the Church Hall for fellowship, care, prayer and mentoring.

It is a place where we seek to become more like Jesus, where we help each other grow in maturity and where we discover together our part in advancing God's Kingdom.

What Does The Discipleship Group Do?

  • To start with, we enjoy a cuppa and a blether.
  • We believe that our faith is not just for Sundays, therefore we study the Bible together and help each other see how it applies to our everyday lives.
  • We pray with, and for, one another and we often keep in touch between sessions.
  • Sometimes, there are tears, but not always of sorrow - we laugh a lot!

Leading: David Wilson

Venue: High Kirk Halls, High Road, Stevenston

Time: Wednesday at 1pm

Frequency: Weekly.

How Can I join the Discipleship Group?

To join a discipleship group or to find out more, please email David Wilson.