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Funeral Order

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Outline of a Funeral Service

I. Prelude — The Organist normally selects music to be played while people gather.

II. Welcome & Opening Scripture sentences

III. Opening hymn

IV. Prayer — a general prayer to thank God for who He is, and for His presence with us.

V. Bible Reading - Old Testament

VI. Family Eulogy - The Minister or a family member will share a family tribute, telling the “story” of the person’s life in a way that gives tribute to the person.

VII. Bible Reading - New Testament

VIII. Funeral Message — A message based on the Bible Reading that intends to offer comfort to those bereaved, and commends the Lord Jesus as the source of all comfort.

IX. Closing prayer — More specific with thanks for our loved one, and prayer for comfort for the family and their needs.

X. Closing hymn

XI. Benediction - A blessing pronounced on all who have gathered.

XII. Dismissal — The Organist will select appropriate music as people leave the Church.