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Funeral Information

Arranging The Funeral

When someone dies it comes as a great shock. Sometimes the death may be expected, but nothing prepares you for the emotional shock of losing someone close.

When you suffer a bereavement, arranging the funeral for a member of your family or a friend can be painful. At the High Kirk we are here to support and help you in any way that we can. Please be assured of our prayers for you, your family and friends.

It is important that you initially contact your doctor to report the death. You will then be advised to contact your local undertaker. The funeral director will make contact with the minister or an alternative celebrant at the family’s request.

When we request the services of a minister for a funeral, then we are asking for a Christian service. A funeral service conducted by a minister will include Christian prayers, Bible readings and a short message of comfort for the family and friends gathered. The funeral service normally lasts 20 minutes.

A Church Service

In some cases the funeral parlour or crematorium will be considered the most convenient venue for a funeral service. For many others, and especially church members, we would make the High Kirk available. We do not charge for the use of the Church for a funeral. The undertaker will provide an organist on request and will inform you of their fees.

Church & Crematorium

It is possible to have a Church Service followed by a Committal Service at the Crematorium. This would allow you to have a Church Service followed by a short Committal Service at the Crematorium with the various facilities offered (charitable collections & CDs).

Parlour or Crematorium Service

A funeral service conducted by a Minister at a Parlour or Crematorium may include Christian hymns & prayers, Bible readings, a Family Tribute, and a short message of comfort for the family and friends gathered. The funeral service normally lasts 20 minutes.

The Parlour & Crematorium are also happy to provide a facility for playing your favourite music for entering and leaving the venue. Collections can also be taken on these premises.

Graveside Service

A Graveside Service will normally follow a Memorial Service, at a Church or Parlour, and may include Prayers, Bible Readings, the Words of Committal, followed by a closing prayer. No hymns are required for the graveside.

Music for a Church Service

The church organist will play a selection of appropriate music as family and friends enter and leave the church, as well as the chosen music for the singing of hymns. Choosing a Church venue means that we sincerely respect that the church is for the “Worship of God”. 

Although the Church is not a suitable venue for the playing of CDs with popular & contemporary music, you may wish to organise a favourite mp3 or CD to be played at the Reception following a Church Service. 

Charitable Collections

Churches are already designated with Charitable status, therefore, collections for a chosen charity can not be taken on the church premises. You may want the Minister to give an announcement that a collection will be taken at an alternative venue (Crematorium or Reception). 

Family Tribute

The Minister will be happy to help the family put together a fitting tribute on their behalf. In preparation, why not write your thoughts out, which can be shared with the Minister.

Alternatively, the family may wish to write their own Family Tribute for the Minister (or a Family Member) to read. Please be aware that the Minister may have to make some very minor changes to suit his own natural reading of the Tribute.


  • Name of Deceased
  • Date & Place of Birth
  • Place of upbringing (if different)
  • Names of Parents
  • Names of brothers/sisters


  • Primary & Secondary schooling
  • College/University


  • Apprenticeship/Training
  • National Service
  • Main Occupation & any other various jobs


  • Name of husband/wife/partner (include maiden/previous names):
  • Courting Days (how they met) 
  • Date and Place of Wedding:
  • Names of children
  • Names of grand-children (if more than 7, give number only!)
  • Names of great grandchildren (if more than 7, give number only!)


  • Interests/hobbies & achievements
  • Favourite Places/Holidays resorts
  • Social Activities
  • Church involvement (if applicable)


  • How would you describe the deceased’s personality? 

caring, loved life, struggled with illness/pain, determined, independent, strong-willed, gentle, approachable, life and soul, positive outlook, experienced problems in life, reserved, strong faith, etc.

  • What memories do you cherish most?
  • Status of Health, prior to death
  1. unexpected death
  2. expected (had been seriously ill)
  3. always struggled with health
  4. good health most of life
  5. Other: