platform is simply a stage from which to proclaim your message - loudly and clearly! Psalm 67 is one of the great missionary Psalms. It shapes our purpose: to 'make God's ways known on earth, his salvation among all nations.' There is no better reason to be alive today!  


Our work reflects what's really important to us - our values if you like.

We are committed to Biblical truth: We love the unfolding storyline of the Bible. It underpins all we do by showing us what God is like, what God does and what God says. All we are and all we do is submitted to the authority of the Bible.

We value prayer: It's a powerful expression of our dependence on the Lord, a means of praising Him, and of seeing His purposes realised in the world.

We are a faith-based people: It means we trust daily in God's gracious provision at every point. We hold fast to the God-given perspectives we have inherited through the historic creeds and the Reformation, while working out our faith in today‚Äôs world.

We are committed to the gospel: We want to see God praised among the under-reached and the least-reached. 

We pursue holy living: That may mean hardship but it also means living out the gospel through a pursuit of Christlikeness, of selflessness, fellowship and of obedience. As a result, we seek the highest standards of integrity, financial accountability and stewardship. 

We love the church: - indeed our job is to support local churches in missions until God's glory fills every corner of creation. And, not least...

We keep it simple:  We aim to send as many resources as possible to cross-cultural work. To that end, we don't take any administrative cut from funds given to projects. We don't send missionaries of our own or run expensive offices in the UK or anywhere else. Instead, we link with gospel ministries around the world that share a common burden for the unreached. 

Read Platform 67's Statement of Faith


a) Bible teaching

Opening up the Bible, we help churches see God's big plan for the nations. We work from the premise that a congregation that is informed and educated about the Bible and the world, will, in the long-run, better engage in global missions. Much of our work happens in the UK.

b) Frontline projects

We are convinced that networking is the way forward and so we partner with like-minded, frontline workers to support locally-led, gospel-driven, cross-cultural work.

c) Informing prayer

Regular email news keeping prayer informed for the least-reached and those ministering to them.

d) Resourcing churches

Equipping congregations with tools for the task of making Christ known everywhere.