Rev Alexander Campbell

Rev Alexander Campbell - "Maister Alexander Campbell, Personne, Minister and Vicar of the Paroche Kirk and Prochine of Stinstoune") in 1606.

Graduated with M.A. from Glasgow in 1585, and was admitted to Ardrossan in 1591 ; trans, before 1603 ; set a lease of the teinds in 1606 ; was called before the Privy Council with four others, 15th Feb. 1610, for intercommuning with his brother-german John C., a Capuchin friar, alias "Father Chrisostome, ane knowne trafficquing priest " dem. before 28th Jan. 1613; died 6th Sept. 1615, aged about 50. He married Elizabeth Smetoune (who survived him, and ten married again (2) Aug.1616, Thomas Boyd of Carncogie, Provost of Irvine), and had issue Alexander; Hew ; Janet (marr. (1) 1621, James Bryding (2) John Peebles, younger, of Pethirland, Antrim, which marriage was annulled in 1632); Margaret; Marion;

Annabell. [Glasg. Tests.-, Prot. Book of Robert Broivn] Ayr and Wigtown Arch.Socy. vii. 190, viii. 35 ; The Clan Campbell^ v., 78.]

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