Rev Archibald Cruafurd

Rev Archibald Crawford

Once again we note that very little is known about the earlier ministers at the High Kirk. In the Register of Ministers we read, "Mr Archibald Craufuird in Mr Walcar's rowme sen Beltym 1569; and 50 merkis mair sen the same tyme."

We also note that he is mentioned as minister of Stevinstoun in 1576, when his stipend was L.100 Scots, or L. 8, 6s, 8d. Sterling, with "the thryd of his vicarage," which appears to have been a general grant about that time. Before becoming minister of the High Kirk, he was admitted to Kilmaurs in 1567, and was presented by James VI on the 28th July 1569. During this time, around 1574, Dalry and Kilbirnie were also under his care. He was the Minister of Stevenston in 1580, and returned again in 1585, and was still minister in 1601.

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