Dorothy's Story

A miracle of a new life happened this morning to me, (over 80 years of age). Before this, I’ve been a believing daughter of God for many years. I’d married a child of God, and we became medical missionaries in Thailand. It was a blessing to serve the Lord there. Then Eddie, my husband, died and left this earth. That left me alone in my flat, as all our children were grown-up and married.

You might think, on reading these words, “Poor, lonely Dorothy!” But the Lord has done a marvellous miracle in my life; He has given me a totally new, wonderful life -  living with Him, day by day, as never before. Such a wonderful miracle and blessing!

And being at the High Kirk, with Rev Scott Cameron’s precious ministry, has played a big part in the miraculous transformation in my life.

This morning early, during my blessed quiet time with the Lord, the words of an old hymn wouldn’t leave my mind: “No, never alone” have become so true to me.

I am so HAPPY in this new level of fellowship with Him. All pain and weaknesses lose their power to diminish my joy in Him. At last, I can realise in a new way, what it really means to LIVE WITH CHRIST

When I was a child, born to Christian parents, we children naturally went to Sunday School, and to church with our parents. I accepted the Lord as my personal Saviour when I was 9 years old, and have followed Him faithfully all the years to the present time. THEN, this very morning, my life turned absolutely topsy turvy and became a totally different life - full of the Lord, and always aware of His Presence with me, with Him never leaving my side. He has changed my life from leaning towards feelings of worthlessness, to being able to really enjoy and luxuriate in richest joy.