Jennifer's Story

Jennifer's Story

It is good to have the opportunity to share my testimony with you. In some respects, I feel like Timothy, the Apostle Paul's young protégé, in that I too had a praying Mother and Grandmother. 

From an early age I was taught Bible stories and knew that Jesus loved me. I believe it was their love and prayers for me that laid the ground work for my conversion. Mums and Grans everywhere should take this as an encouragement. 

I asked the Lord into my life as a schoolgirl, and I knew without doubt what that meant. However, in my mid-teens I re-dedicated my life to Christ at a Christian Endeavour meeting. From that day to this present time, I have sought with His help to lead a Christian life, and to walk close to God, in a way that pleases Him. 

I can truthfully say that I would not live my life not knowing and loving Him. 

In time I met Norman, we married, had two children, Ruth and Graeme. They are now married with their own families, and we have 6 grandchildren. Our pride and joy!! 

We lived in Bearsden, and were totally involved in Christian work both in our home Church, St David‟s Knightswood and in the community where we stayed. We had a comfortable life style and if we were in a rut, it was a happy one. But God had other plans for our lives, plans to move us from our comfort zone into the unknown. 

For many years, Norman had felt that God was perhaps calling him into the Church of Scotland Ministry. He kept ignoring it, like Jonah, by running away from it. 

I wasn't happy about this situation either, and had to show Norman away from this thinking. (Before you think unkindly about me, remember Norman also wasn’t happy about it. He didn’t make a fuss, he didn’t need to, I did it for him!!) 

I certainly didn’t make life easy for my husband. If truth were told I was relieved as I didn’t want to be a minister‟s wife, after all I married an engineer! My conscience niggled and I had no peace. There was a real battle raging in my heart. I prayed often in tears, “please Lord, not the ministry!” But God had to deal with a very reluctant wife, and He did, and He won! 

One day I sat at the table and again in tears surrendered my future to Him, knowing if we were not willing to be obedient we would be most miserable. The Lord took away my stony heart and gave me a willing one. I can‟t say that I never had anymore doubts and fears, but we could now handle them together. I wrote Nor-man a letter (which he still has!); it was a love letter, it was a letter of apology, and a letter assuring him of my total support at all times. 

Fast forward 6 years. We moved to West Kilbride where Norman was Ordained and Inducted to Overton Church. I think it was Eric Liddell who said “When we know we are doing what God has called us to do, we experience a lasting pleasure that cannot be found anywhere else.” 

We enjoyed 23 + years of ministry at Overton, and would you believe it? I enjoyed being a minister‟s wife (well most of the time). 

“I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” (Psalm 32 v 8) 

We give thanks that this has been our experience. We are now retired; a very different way of life but slowly and surely we are adjusting and enjoying it. We believe that God still has a plan for our lives—watch this space!