Mildred's Story

Mildred's Story

I remember as a child going to Church on a Sunday because that was the done thing. As a teenager I would go to places like the Gospel Hall & the Salvation Army; for I loved the music and the singing of those happy choruses, and always longed to play the tambourine in the Salvation Army Band. Of course I especially looked forward to going along to the Nazarene Church on a Saturday morning to get the bag of goodies which we all received after the service. 

There were, of course, the years I did it "my way"; only remembering God in times of need, begging, making rash promises that were soon forgotten. Yes, I had become one of the "Lapsed" - a "SINNER." But how wonderful that God never lets go of us, for He has plans for each of us. He never gives up! He patiently waits for our heart‟s response. He waits for our “Yes, Lord!” 

I'm so grateful He is a patient God. 

I came back to Church after meeting Rev McCool when my daughter Elaine was getting married. Something about her just drew me, and when she prayed with us during one of our visits I was so moved. It touched my heart so much that I thought, “I have to go and hear her preach”. I will never forget the words of scripture I heard that day - Isaiah chapter 40 verses 30 and 31; 

“Even those who are young grow weak; young men can fall exhausted. But those who trust in the Lord for help will find their strength renewed. They will rise like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not grow weak” (From the Good News Bible we used at that time). 

I had a great desire to get to know this Loving God who could renew me and raise me up if I put my trust in Him. So in December 1989 I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus. That day, I was crying, shaking, trying to pray but couldn't, repeating Jesus' name. Although I don't remember all of the prayer, I know I asked for forgiveness and asked Jesus into my heart. 

People ask how I felt when I gave my heart to Jesus. I think back to when I gave birth to our son Matthew and our daughter Elaine, I thought my heart would burst as it swelled with the love I felt for them, the joy of new life. I felt that joy again when I gave my heart to Jesus. I was amazed at the depth of love I felt being poured into me, way beyond anything I could ever imagine. 

Sometime later Rev McCool gave me these verses of scripture from First John chapter 3 verses 11 & 18: 

“The message you heard from the beginning is this: we must Love one another. My children, our Love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action.”