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India Village Ministries

India Village Ministries (IVM) work in rural parts of India and currently look after several orphans through their own orphanage, and provide an education for disadvantaged children to give them a better start in life.


Rainedge International, Kenya

Rain Edge International is a non-profit community based organization with its offices centered in Nakuru Kenya. It was founded out of a passion to alleviate poverty especially within the marginalized children, i.e. street children, the vulnerable and those at risk in one way or another within the community.


Truth For Today Ministries

The Bible teaching Ministry of Sam Gordon. Truth for Today is a Word focused, Christ-centred ministry, teaching the Bible in a warm expository style so that people’s lives are influenced to such a degree that they impact their world for Jesus Christ…


Platform 67

Psalm 67 is one of the great missionary Psalms. It's why we do what we do: to 'make God's ways known on earth, his salvation among all nations.' There is no better reason to be alive today! We have some really Good News and a platform is simply a stage from which to proclaim it - loudly and clearly!


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Tuareg, Air


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Tamajeq, Tayart

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% Evangelical

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The median population of all people groups for which Joshua Project has population values is 14,922. The mean population is 454,292.